I’d love it if I received one of these.

give me one of these and I’ll love you forever. :D

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I’m sick…

And I’m broke. I need 40 more dollars to be able to go to the walk-in clinic tomorrow.
I’m running a fever….and have since Friday night. I feel like shit…..groggy, swollen glands, sore throat….I literally have no money, all of my paycheck had to go to art supplies, rent, to repair a pair of shoes…..I’m not in a position to ask my parents for money either. 

I feel miserable. Tumblr, this is what I wanna do…..I can draw, okay? I have a Wacom tablet. I’ll do commissions—- for however much you want to pay! Let’s call it a donation….. I will digitally draw you a picture, and send you a high res file by tomorrow night.  This sounds desperate… because I am, basically. :(

My paypal is

If you send anything, just tell me in the message what you want drawn!  Reblog maybe? If I even make like $2 off this, it’ll be $2 more than I have in my pocket right now. 



ON A HAPPIER NOTE, I’ve always had a deep admiration for Terry Crews, and his newest batch of Old Spice commercials kill me. They really do. Holy crap.

And this is why I’d buy from Old Spice instead of Axe (ignoring that both smells give me a headache). At least the Old Spice commercials don’t make me feel like I’m watching the lead up/result of some really bad porn.

…just some really weird porn.


oh my lol


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정장입은 헤비랑 메딕이 놀러다니는 리퀘였습니다 (^^)
별삐님 힘내세요 주물주물 부둥부둥

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Chris Brown is performing at the Grammy Awards and it’s a big fuss!  I had to remind myself why so I went and looked up this old newspaper from 2009.

I’ve never understood the Chris Brown apologism.

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Graham: There must be some fanmail that you really don’t want your mother to read.

Matt: One day my mum sent my grand-dad to help, and this is the first one we got, but the first one he opened started with ”I want to give you a… (blow job)”. Replace the words!

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Gianmarco Magnani

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Sad news: Samuel’s Cintiq has stopped working. Samuel is my roommate and has graciously shared the Cintiq with me for the last year. It makes digital illustration loads easier. Well the damn thing broke. It’s about 5 years old so he doesn’t expect he’s going to be able to get it fixed and if it can be, it may be more cost effective to buy a new one. I dug up my old Graphire from High School…. and… it is NOT easy to go back. It’s not even a taste preference! My line work is clumsy and the pressure sensitivity isn’t as great and… oh, I’m getting depressed thinking about it. I was basically spoiled, I know that, but ugh I miss the Cintiq! I am going to have to save to buy one, I think. Honestly, this Graphire is kinda old too so I don’t know how long IT will last…Dilemma!

My basic reaction to having to go outside (it is FREEZING), illustrated for your enjoyment.

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I may be nuts but I for one am very jealous of upstate New York and all points west of NYC because, I want snow, dammit!!! It has been a strange weather winter so far; snow BEFORE Halloween (which I was not even in the city to enjoy), and then weirdly mild/warm temps ever since, save for a few random days of frigid, below freezing cold. All it did here today was rain. =(

I need snow.

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Julian Callos

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Usually I roll my eyes when people on Tumblr declare someone to be “flawless” but…


No, really. ~Flawless~